2018-2019 Details, Seasons (TCDMHA)

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  • No Scores Reported2018-2019 Initiation
    Coached by John MacNeill, Brandon McConnell, Tim Mills. Team staff include Sarah Ellis, Shelley Jackson.
  • No Scores Reported2018-2019 Initiation Girls
    Coached by Dan Middleton, Steve Barfoot, Devon Edwards, Scott Hammell. Team staff include Amy Edwards, Aryn Millman, Alicia Wyville.
  • No Scores Reported2018-2019 Tyke
    Coached by Jason Ceaser, Tyler Dawson, Daryl Teeter. Team staff include Jason McKee, Amy Teeter. Sponsored by Moore's Meats.
  • 20 - 12 - 1
    2018-2019 Novice Girls C
    Coached by Andrew Torrie, Harold Jackson, Mark Klunder. Team staff include Beverly Callahan, Heather Greenaway. Sponsored by Desboro Tire Sales.
  • 15 - 26 - 1
    2018-2019 Novice Rep
    Coached by Rod Cayley, Chad Cosby, Tim Mills. Team staff include Shawn Blakeley, Kerinda Sowerby. Sponsored by Horton's Concrete.
  • 31 - 7 - 4
    2018-2019 Atom Girls C
    Coached by Joe Rutter. Team staff include Aaryn Clark, Jeff McKee, Lori Moore, Mary Ann Murray, Emma Watson. Sponsored by Desboro Lions Club. Latest news: "Welcome Atom C Families" (Oct 07).
  • 25 - 4 - 4
    2018-2019 Atom Girls HL
    Coached by Steve Barfoot, Harold Jackson, Daryl Teeter. Team staff include Amy McComb, Aryn Millman, Ann Taylor.
  • 10 - 11 - 3
    2018-2019 Atom LL
    Coached by Ian Hofman, Brandon McConnell, Jason Snyder. Team staff include Shawn Casemore, Shelley Jackson. Sponsored by RF King Excavating . Latest news: "Builders Finalists" (Mar 22).
  • 18 - 17 - 9
    2018-2019 Atom Rep
    Coached by Dan McComb, Pat Johnston, Shane King. Team staff include Michelle King, Jason McKee. Sponsored by Great Lakes Frame Company.
  • 25 - 9 - 2
    2018-2019 Peewee Girls C
    Coached by Scott Greenaway, Mike Murray. Team staff include Rob Christie, Pat Hoy, Heather McNab, Mike Murray. Sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 464 Chatsworth. Latest news: "Awards" (Apr 21).
  • 13 - 1 - 3
    2018-2019 PeeWee Girls HL
    Coached by Dan Madill, Chris Hesch, Al Johnson. Team staff include Kellie Hesch, Sherry Johnson, Leanne Swiger. Latest news: "REBELS AT THE CLARKSON CUP" (Mar 25).
  • 8 - 16 - 2
    2018-2019 PeeWee LL
    Coached by Justin McCarthy, Jennifer Roger, Ryan Spencer. Team staff include Sean Blakeley, Lorelie Spencer. Sponsored by Barry's Construction.
  • 14 - 24 - 3
    2018-2019 Peewee Rep
    Coached by Chris Baker, Larry Croft, Tim Gilchrist, Chris Koeslag. Team staff include Krista Fluney, Shawn Greig. Sponsored by Harold Sutherland Construction. Latest news: "A tie and a loss against the Lakers" (Nov 05).
  • 30 - 7 - 9
    2018-2019 Bantam Girls B
    Coached by Dennis Watson, Ben Meikie, Chris Prentice, Chad Roney. Team staff include Andrea Nicholls, Amanda Roney. Sponsored by Country Charm. Latest news: "GOING TO BE A BIG WEEKEND FOR THE BANTAM B GIRLS!" (Jan 23).
  • No Scores Reported2018-2019 Bantam Girls C
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • 4 - 32 - 2
    2018-2019 Bantam LL
    Coached by Les Fry, Jamie Edwards, Bill Mustard. Team staff include Julie Gorman, Bob Hoare. Sponsored by Shawn Howell Transport. Latest news: "Adam Gorman Scores a Hat Trick!!" (Mar 07).
  • 18 - 22 - 2
    2018-2019 Bantam Rep
    Coached by Jeff Rosenburg, Chris McComb, Brandon Stewart, Jeff Wardell. Team staff include Anthony Gibbons, Pat Johnston, Kerinda Sowerby. Sponsored by Air Tech Mechanical.
  • 18 - 12 - 7
    2018-2019 Midget Girls B
    Coached by Brad Moran, Ken Kivell, Brian Lavergne, Jeff Wilkins. Team staff include Carrie Stephenson, Warren Wilcox. Sponsored by Jennifer & Dave Tedford Remax. Latest news: "Tedford Rebel B's one win away from LLFHL final" (Mar 03).
  • 2 - 19 - 1
    2018-2019 Midget Girls C
    Coached by Tim Gilchrist, Ron Mole, Brad Vokes. Team staff include Jeanne Maclennan, Colleen Madill, Tammy Scott. Sponsored by Wave Equipment Ltd..
  • 25 - 8 - 3
    2018-2019 Midget LL
    Coached by Michael Liddiard, Steve Currie, Ken Kivell, Mike Longland. Team staff include Greg Heathers, Cathy Kivell, Robert Martin. Sponsored by Power Workers' Union. Latest news: "WOAA Midget LL Maroon Finalists" (Mar 25).
  • 15 - 17 - 3
    2018-2019 Midget Rep
    Coached by Paul Stewart. Team staff include Don Crawford, Greg Fritz, Garnet Schultz, Kim Stewart. Sponsored by Moggie Valley Timber. Latest news: "Thanks for the Memories" (Mar 12).
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