Defined Borders (TCDMHA)

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July 30, 2004




Defined and Protected Boundaries

Reference Map – Former Townships of Keppel, Sarawak, Derby, Sydenham, Sullivan, Holland

Grey County Planning and Development

October 28, 2003




Beginning at the Southwesterly corner of the Municipality of Chatsworth (formerly Sullivan Township),


Thence easterly on Bentinck-Sullivan Townline (Grey Road 25) and continuing past Highway 6/10 on the Glenelg-Holland Townline to the intersection of Concession Road 2 (former Holland Township).


Thence northerly on Concession Road 2 to 60 Sideroad.


Easterly on 60 Sideroad to Veteran’s Way (Concession VI/VII former Holland Township).


Thence northerly on Veteran’s Way to West Back Line.


Westerly on West Back Line to intersection of Robson Road.


Easterly on Robson Road to intersection of Euphrasia-Holland Townline (Conc 15/16 former Holland Township).


Thence Northerly on the Euphrasia-Holland Townline and continuing northerly on the St. Vincent-Sydenham Townline to Sideroad 3 (lot 3/4 former Sydenham Township).


Thence westerly on Sideroad 3 (becomes Sunny Valley Road) and continuing to intersection of Highway 6/10.


Thence northerly on Highway 6/10 (Derby-Sydenham Township division) to Right of Way of Sideroad 6 (lot 6/7 former Derby Township).


Continuing on a line westerly to Concession 11 of Municipality of Chatsworth (former Derby Township).


Thence southerly to intersection of Grey Road 40 Municipality of Chatsworth (Conc 12/13 former Sullivan Township).


Continuing westerly on Grey Road 40 to Grey-Bruce Townline and Southerly to the point of commencement.


For the purpose of the application of OMHA “regulation 18” the declared ‘centre point’ for the amalgamation of the Township of Chatsworth and District Minor Hockey Association shall be the intersection of Grey Road 3 and Grey Road 16 (Keady Arena).


Note: Where it has been agreed upon by all parties, participants who are ‘resident’ on either side of the boundary road shall be eligible for either ‘Chatsworth’ or the affected centre or other minor hockey association for which they may be eligible by OMHA residential regulation

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