Awards (TCDMHA)

Print2020 Award Winners
Rob Gill Memorial Award Novice Division Hardest Working Player
Awarded to a Member of Each TCMHA Novice Team
  • Madison Brockman
    TCDMHA Novice C
  • Myles Baker
    TCDMHA Novice LL
  • Hudson Cook
    TCDMHA Novice Rep
Kenny Webb Memorial Award Atom Division Most Sportsmanlike Player
Awarded to a Member of each Atom Team
  • Ruth Van Der Does
    TCDMHA Atom HL
  • Ruth Van Der Does
    TCDMHA Atom HL
  • Sophie King
    TCDMHA Atom C
  • Justin Nagel
    TCDMHA Atom LL
  • Olivia Stutzman
    TCDMHA Atom Rep
Geoff Stevens Memorial Heart & Soul
Award Annual to a PeeWee Rep Player
Presented annually, as selected by the coaching staff, to a PeeWee rep player who in the essence of hockey, has his/her smile forefront in the game while displaying heart and soul. Demonstrates intensity and passion for the game, as well as inspiration, courage, drive and leadership both on and off the ice."
  • Carter Frook
    TCDMHA PeeWee Rep