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Online Reading Programs Offer Convenience and Accessibility

Hockey families have a strong commitment to their sport and a strong commitment to helping their children succeed and be happy, on and off the ice.

The Reading Network is reaching out to hockey families who wish to obtain reading tutoring for their child, with a discount on services of 20% this season.

The Reading Network provides one-to-one reading instruction, online. Every child has their own instructor. Our services are delivered via web conferencing software. Our services are accessible to anyone with a computer and high speed internet connection.

Our services are:

o   Convenient (online scheduling, 7 days a week)

o   Accessible (computer/laptop, high-speed connection, earbuds/headset)

o   Effective (We help children be the best they can be, and catch up to their peers.)

If you would like more information, please visit our website, or call us today at 1-855-534-1345. You can also sign up for an online demo via our website. 

We provide services that help students achieve reading success, in a way that fits with their sports involvement.


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